Jiangsu Baoli roll Co., Ltd. (formerly Wuxi Taihu roll Co., Ltd.) is a large modern enterprise producing all kinds of alloy chilled cast iron rolls with a long history. The products of roll manufacturers are widely used in rubber, rubber breaking, plastic calendering, plunger, metallurgy, chemical industry, light industry, papermaking, tobacco, grain and oil and other industries.

Rubber roll manufacturers have strong technical force and strict quality control. All kinds of products are produced by special casting and bimetallic centrifugal casting process, with high working surface hardness, high roll body stiffness and strength, and good wear resistance, crack resistance and peeling resistance.

The company can design, manufacture, process and maintain all kinds of high-tech, high-precision, super large central control, drilling, chromium plating, forged steel, cold casting, medium high, medium concave, super mirror, hot mill (local groove) and other rolls with special requirements for customers, so as to meet the requirements of customers of different products and different layers.  【MORE+】

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